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Biodiversité dans l’Anthropocène : Dynamique, Fonction et Gestion | EE33

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Members of BiodivAG Lab (Biodiversity in the Anthropocene: dynamics, function, and management) are engaged in research and applied projects dealing with the ecology, conservation, and management of biodiversity in different social ecological systems.
BiodivAG Lab aims at understanding the mechanisms underlying the responses of species (populations, communities) to the spatio-temporal dynamics of the environment particularly land use changes. Combining backgrounds and methods from population ecology, community ecology, behavioural ecology and landscape ecology, BiodivAG Lab examines the direct and indirect effects of human activities on the structure of animal communities including functional interactions of species with other species and their environment. Ecological processes are studied at multiple functional levels (from the individual to the socio-ecosystem) and spatial and temporal scales, using a wide range of methods (see Figure below). BiodivAG Lab helps stakeholders in their strategies to manage biodiversity (e.g., conservation of iconic species, management of invasive species and the ones involved in human-wildlife conflicts or contributing to the provision of ecosystem services). 

Keywords: Population ecology | Community ecology | Animal ecology | Behavioural ecology | Spatial ecology | Landscape ecology | Functional ecology | Evolutionary ecology | Conservation biology | Biodiversity management | Social-ecological dynamics | Protected areas | Global changes | Land use changes | Anthropogenic pressures | Ecosystem services | Ecohealth

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