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Biodiversité dans l’Anthropocène : Dynamique, Fonction et Gestion | EE33

Séparés par des virgules

Danilo Bandini Ribeiro and Letícia Couto Garcia visit us

Ce jeudi 30 juin deux collègues de l'Université fédérale de Mato Grosso do Sul présenteront leurs travaux à la faculté des sciences en L102.

  • 9h30 Prof. Danilo Bandini Ribeiro : The Wildfire crisis in Brazil

Brazil has experienced unprecedented amounts of wildfires in the last two decades. To prevent, or at least minimize, similar disasters in the future, it is important to understand the factors that have led to these catastrophic events. The causes and consequences of 'wildfires' entail a gamut of complex interactions between the biophysical and sociocultural spheres, and suitable management decisions require a sound scientific understanding. We present the panorama of increasing fire outbreaks in recent years in the Brazilian biomes, and discuss the causes that have contributed to the occurrence of fires, their impacts on the environment and overall consequences for human well-being. We present a general picture of this scenario and a brief history of wildfires in Brazil and its socio-ecological consequences. We also propose possible solutions to this problem.

  • 10h00 Prof. Letícia Couto Garcia : Intervention Ecology

Intervention ecology is broader framework including restoration ecosystem management and conservation strategies. Interventions include altering the biotic and abiotic structures and processes within ecosystems and changing social and policy settings. Now we are in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, which is a global effort aimed at restoring the planet for a common goal: preventing, halting and reversing the degradation of ecosystems worldwide. Hence, we will discuss about successes, failures, and opportunities ahead and some restoration ecology gaps and Brazilian examples.